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Welcome to the Mattachine Knights

 Mattachine Knights is a guild that consists of a group of friends who met in Burning Crusades. Many of our members are from the LGBT community. Nonetheless, we have quite a few straight members as well.

Our goal is seeing end-game content while maintaining the close ties of friendship and a strong commitment to each other. All we ask is your attentiveness and your dedication towards having fun and enjoying our community. We strive not to be the largest guild, nor the team that has most raid hours a week. We strive to fulfill our desires as a guild of friends that want to see all in-game content. To progress and share both the good and bad of our achievements while allowing ourselves as individually to grow and mature. To be able to admit to the bad, and to share in the pride of the good we have done.

           Guild Leader: Suriya-Lee,

Guild Admin:Lockgasket-Chuck, 

   Guild Officers: Beaug-Steve, Bragon-Eric, Ajaah-Duc, Kheldar-Ed

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